Feisty | Swarovski Chrystal w/ Cream Rooster Feather Earring

From our Plume Collection, this Feisty pair is designed with sterling silver V fittings & have a beautiful black shaded Swarovski crystal finished with stripped rooster feather in blue & cream colors. Wow!

All pieced are made with cruelty-free feathers that are cleaned & sanitized. Earrings, posts & fittings are all nickel-free & sterling silver.


Meet the Maker: 

Founded from the passions of owner & designer, Christy Davidson - Her pieces spring to life with style & functionality, a lifetime in the making. Christy's background in fashion & fitness gave way to earring designs that are light, flowy, and unique while being functionally sound; striving to create pieces that are as comfortable in a company boardroom as they would be on a yoga mat. Her styles continue to evolve and transcend the basics of the earring - each piece designed & developed from cruelty-free feathers, quality nickel-free metals, and unique stones and/or crystals. Christy's mission to inspire you to express yourself, to be free, and most importantly be YOU.

Let Your Fashion Take Flight.