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Come in and discover the lifestyle brand that invokes living your most vibrant, relaxed & happy life. 


We search the world for artisan-made, fair trade products that bring joy to your life and help bring financial independence to those who created them. The Jami Rook brand is your personal postcard to all things that help make daily life feel like

a beautiful vacation.

We believe that…

Surrounding yourself with things you love is a must.

Luxuries, no matter how big or small should be enjoyed

every. single. day.

Making a positive impact on the world is vital.

Vacation vibes should never end!


Enjoy life & shop consciously!





Please join our mission and become a SISTER: 

The Jami Rook brand strives to share with her sisters the most sophisticated, yet relaxed, and well-curated products inspired by the sea and love for travel. If you have found an Eco-friendly, sustainable, must-have product that you “fell in love with” during your travels, let us know!

If it makes the store, you are a Sister Contributor & Influencer…. and we have something very special for you!

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