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If one word could describe

the Jami Rook brand

it would be AMBIANCE.

As women, we are constantly searching for ambiance - the ambiance that comes from a perfect sunset, a beautifully decorated home that beckons you to step in and get comfortable, the energy a room takes on when people are feeling relaxed and confident in what they chose to wear that day/night, that hotel that stops you in your tracks and makes you say, “I want home to feel like this” or that restaurant that keeps you coming back for all the "good feels" with family and friends.

AMBIANCE is everything.

It incorporates natural elements to envelop you in a warm, comfortable hug that isn’t often understood or articulated.

The Jami Rook lifestyle brand CHASES AMBIANCE.

Expect to see a new collection of sophisticated, yet relaxed, global finds that are carefully sourced for YOU - the one who is adventurous, pure-hearted, respects the world & the wisdom that comes from travel and, as always, the one who is inspired by the sea!

Enjoy, get inspired & fall in love with our carefully sourced finds.

Love, Jami

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